On being booked

I’ve tried to schedule meetings with a handful of people over the past few weeks, who haven’t been able to find a spot in their calendars in the next 4-6 weeks.

It struck me as distinctly uncool. I sincerely hope it’ll never happen to me.

It would seem to me that either you decide that someone is not worth meeting with, and then you flat out and honestly say that you cannot make that a priority. But if people are worth meeting with, I’d want to be able to setup a meeting within at the most 3 days. Sure, sometimes you’re traveling or busy with an all-day conference. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

For the rule, I hope to be able to be spontaneous and move quickly. If you have to wait 6 weeks for a quick tete-a-tete, it’s impossible to maintain momentum. If my calendar was booked solid for the next 6 weeks, I’d die inside.

Is this naive?


You're not being naive. Sadly in my experience most people like to give the impression that they are really busy. If they are really busy they feel that they must be really important. Avoid these people like you'd avoid the plague.
By Anthony on Mon, Mar 10, 08 at 03:26 · Reply
It may be that I am a procrastinator by heart - but I really dislike making appointments that reach beyond 7-10 days. Mainly, because I know there is a very real chance that I forget something or need to rearrange due to sudden changes. I hardly use a calendar, by the way. Never caught that habit. I also know that this behaviour of "Well, let's see when we get a bit closer..." is extremely annoying to exactly those people who live inside their 3-pound calendar. Strangely, they seem to be female most of them - I have not had much experience with smart-ass execs, so would not know there...;)
By RasmusJ on Mon, Mar 10, 08 at 03:26 · Reply

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