Practical info for clients

Establishing the connection

If we’re doing this remote, call me at the agreed upon time via either:

  • Skype: Larspind
  • US land line: +1 (646) 257-2147
  • Danish land line: +45 38 10 73 33

Note that my Skype phone doesn’t do IM, so just go ahead and call at the agreed time, even if I don’t respond to an IM.

Preparing for the First Session

The first session is typically an hour and a half.

Do yourself a favor, and prepare by spending half an hour considering the following:

  • What major goals do I wish to work with my coach on
  • What do I want to get out of this first session
  • What are my 3 most important values in life
  • What are the biggest things that prevent me from reaching my goals

I may not ask for the answers, but thinking it through helps you focus on what’s important to you.


Spend a half hour after each session to write down what you learned and what you have committed to do till the next session.

Following sessions

The following sessions typically last about an hour.

Prepare for the session by reflecting on how you’ve done on the goal and specific commitments we worked on last time, and on what new obstacles have shown up in the meantime.

Then consider what specific outcome you would like from this session. What do you need that could help you to the next step?

Get a diary

I highly recommended that you get a small notebook where you can write things as they happen. It could be a goal you realize, eg. a better relationship with a family member after spending time with them over the weekend. Or it could be a new obstacle that you become aware of. Or a negative emotion in a situation that you would like to work with.

Write it down, and bring it up during the next session. Even if you don’t bring it up, the act of writing it down will help clarify your thoughts.


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