Coaching for small businesses

What kind of leader would you like to be? How are you today?

Is your business where you want it to be right now?

What’s your company’s purpose? What’s yours?

I help startups and small businesses grow by growing the people.

Most entrepreneurs never learned how to be a good leader. We had a good idea and lots of talent to get it going, but leading people is not something we’ve ever been taught how to do. It’s not that difficult, but you need to know what you’re doing and you need to know yourself. I can teach you that and grow you as a leader.

Another common trap is that you get so busy in the day-to-day operations, whether that means fire-fighting or celebrating, that you forget the big picture. Why did you start this business? What was your original vision? Where is your heart at? I can help bring you up into the helicopter to look at the big picture.

Coaching is like being taken from a dense forest out into the open field: Suddenly you can see more clearly.

My name is Lars Pind, and I’m your coach and mentor

Besides being a coach, I’m also a relentless entrepreneur and former programmer.

Since high-school, I’ve been interested in personal development, driven by the question of how we can be more of who we truly are. Now I have a coaching certificate to back it up.

I started my first company while still in elementary school and have been an entrepreneur ever since, which means I intimately understand what a small business is about.

I used to be a programmer but found that my heart preferred people over code. The programming background, however, has given me solid analytical and logic skills that are very helpful to coaching.

Why entrepreneurs?

I love working with entrepreneurs because of the energy and vision and love that they bring to life. Starting a business is all about expressing yourself, your dreams, your values, your soul, out into the world, creating something bigger than you, contributing your uniqueness to the world.

My job is to make sure those dreams, values, and that soul find their way out into the world as clearly and undistorted as possible.

Let me lead you into the clearing and multiply your impact.

My services takes these forms:

  • Individual sessions, 1-3 hours each
  • Team sessions around a specific goal, 1-2 days
  • Workshops around selected areas, starting from half a day

I bet you’ll find my work to be more honest, meaningful, and valuable than most of the other options you’ve considered so far. I guarantee it will make a lasting impact.

Find out what I can do for your business.
Email lars@pinds.com or call +45 27 28 47 07.


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