Tethered configuration - getting photos to show up on the computer instantly

I found some links and figure out how to get photos to show up on my computer screen immediately after taking them. Apparently, it’s called “tethered”, and it requires a USB cable between the camera and the computer, and some special software. I also had to change a setting called “Communication” on my Canon 350D to “PC connection” from the default “Print/PTP”. It’s on the last settings tab.

Then I downloaded Capture One PRO, which, at EUR 499 is way overpriced for the task. Capture One PRO can connect to the camera, show the current aperture, timer, and EV settings, and there’s even a “Capture” button that will make the camera shoot a frame and in just a few seconds it shows up on the laptop.

Then there’s a tutorial for how to automatically get the photos from Capture One PRO and into Aperture to work with them there.

It worked light a charm last night, but this morning I had some communication errors between Capture One PRO and the camera. I haven’t had a chance to work it out yet.

There’s also some software from Canon that can apparently do pieces of this puzzle, but I haven’t been able to figure that out yet, either.

I’ve had an unexpected setback, which is that our internet connection at home is down. I’m writing this on a connection through my cell phone.

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I use Capture One as well. If you have any errors when shooting tethered search the Knowledge Base http://www.phaseone.com/Content/Support/SearchKB.aspx?layoutid=SupportSite%20-%20Main I can usually find what I am looking for here. Best, Becky
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