PublicSquare featured at DownloadSquad

Nite writeup for PublicSquare at DownloadSquad. It’s always good to get some attention. And it clearly shows in the signups.

No need to ever upgrade, add patches or worry about anything, PublicSquare takes care of all the geek stuff while you get your publishing on.

Thanks, Chris.

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Took a look at it and signed up, ease of use is definitely there. I have been looking for a way to use something like this for my static site which has grown way too big - public square is close to what i want, but not perfect. For example, I want my current pages on the site to be alive on the new site too - they are using ASP icludes, and just pointing the domain towards a new publicsquare site will not help :( A bit more tweaking on the SEO friendliness side... maybe a way to add an additional field or two.. Is there a way someone from your side can take a look at what I have now on my site, and advice a minimum pain way of migrating to your software?
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