Are All Silicon Valley Lawyers Slow to Respond?

Our company lawyer in Silicon Valley, who by all means is a very nice person, has a super-slow turnaround time. It typically takes 2 wees go get a response to an email, and promised paperwork never shows up until after having asked for it more than once, and always weeks after it was promised.

I’ve been told by the few people I’ve asked that this is normal and acceptable behavior from a good lawyer, especially since we have a deferred payment agreement with him, but I still have a hard time believing that. So I wanted to ask the question a little wider here, and ask you if that’s normal?

Incidentally, if you want to recommend us aonther lawyer in the Mountain View/Palo Alto area, I’d love to hear your recommendation.


My son Charles won't damn wee on his potty no matter how much we incentivise him. If he was your lawyer you'd get about the same amount done as your current lawyer ... :O)
Normal, possibly, but acceptable is your choice. I don't know any lawyers out there, but a few people I know are doing a startup in the area. Renaud and Joaquin (who's on my linkedIn list). Let me know if you want their info and you can try them.
Jayson, Thanks for the pointer, it would be great to talk to them and share experinces.
By Lars Pind on Mon, Jan 15, 07 at 03:18 · Reply

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