Listerine: Now available in Denmark

I’m a crazy fuck. For years, one of the lame little items that I’ve bothered to bring home with me from visits to the US has been Listerine, the mouthwash. Sure, you can get mouthwash in Denmark, but none that’s as refreshing as Listerine.

It’s not that I have bad breath, it’s just that I like the quick freshening of mouth and teeth without the manual labor of brushing your teeth.

And just last week I spotted Listerine at a pharmacy downtown. Pharmacies here are not like their US counterparts, mind you, they’re much more highly regulated, so normally you’d get things like mouthwash in a regular supermarket, which is why I hadn’t thought to look at the pharmacy.

It’s good news. From now on I can focus on bringing something more interesting across the border.


Do you get floss in DK :-) (don't answer that). Soon, you will be able to run your car on Listerine - have you seen the list of crap in that stuff??
I'd rather not. Oh, well, we all have our weaknesses. :)
By Lars Pind on Mon, Nov 27, 06 at 06:02 · Reply
hey, I bring back mustard from france. Amora, nothing fancy, mind you.
By christina on Mon, Nov 27, 06 at 06:02 · Reply

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