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I’v always found my cousin Henrik tremendously fascinating. He’s done so many different things. Back in the 80’s he recorded an album with a band in Aarhus. But besides playing the keyboard, he’s also been a model, he’s really good at drawing, and he’s done marketing. But now, finally, he’s back to music again. And thank heavens for that.

On November 21st, he will release his first album in over a decade. And it’s shaping up to be a really fine album. Quiet, peaceful, harmonic, yet with an edge, with a freshness. You can tell that he’s been collecting inspiration during his years away from composing, that he’s got something to share.

Check out the beautiful web site, including previews of the songs, at haikumusic.dk.

Way to go, cousin, you make me proud.

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Dear Lars Thankyou so much! your kind words goes straight to my heart! /henrik
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