Back from San Francisco

I’m back from a 8-day stay in Silicon Valley with a stop-over in Chicago. It’s been a fun trip full of new knowledge.

For example, I learned that an airplane can be a nasty place to be when your immune system is already on its knees; I caught pneumonia as a secondary infection and had to be treated with antibiotics. However, that’s where I learned that Echinacea has no effect (which, incidentally, Wikipedia could have told me). The jury is still out on whether Airborne is any different—no evidence that it works as of yet.

I started the trip with a short overnight stop in Chicago to meet with David Heinemeier Hansson including his girlfriend, parents, and a few other folks, and then hopped on to SFO/Silicon Valley to spend the week with my business partner, Christina Wodtke.

Christina had arranged for us to meet with some amazing people, including Harry Max, Luke Wroblewski, Dave Shen, and Jeff Veen. Lots of new information and insights have been loaded into my brain.

UPDATE: Airborne is number 2 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies. Impressive.


Hi Lars, Big pleasure to meet you in person and hope you're feeling much better. 'til next time~
thanks for taking the time to meet up with me. its unfortunate you caught a bug. it has been going around - a few guys at work have it, and a few of my close friends also caught it. Regarding Airborne, I read a good article about how it is a scam. I'll post the link if I see it in my bookmarks. The summary was that it isn't harmful, it just doesn't really do anything. However, it is a marketing triumph.

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