I did the last airborne video chat

Video-Snapshot.jpg It looks like I had the pleasure of doing the last airborne video chat and web application deployment that anyone will do for the foreseeable future.

What a shame, I really enjoyed the service, and I did in fact choose my airline and connections specifically so I could get onboard wifi. It’s the perfect place to get some focused work done (when not video chatting with your one year-old).

It was noteworthy, however, that I seemed to be the only passenger on the plane using it. For the first few hours it didn’t work, and I had to ask the purser repeatedly to do something about it, until she finally fixed it by rebooted the system.

I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we’ll have this again, though it might be a fair amount of time, because others will be put off by the Boeing’s failure.

UPDATE: No, it’s still on. The first reports said it was discontinued immediately, but others said it would continue till the end of the year. It seems the latter is correct.

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Lau T.

Yes, it's still on. I'm in the air right now on an SAS flight. But iChat said there was insufficient bandwidth to do a video chat when I tried.
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