I was still stuck in the web 1.0 world of Expedia, but thankfully Nikolaj Nyholm recently fixed that by pointing me to Kayak.com, which is so much more useful—lets you quickly narrow by number of stops, airlines, find nearby airports, all without leaving the page. Very handy.

I’d like to be able to also see what city the layover is in without having to click on the details, but that’s a minor gripe. It’s a huge step up from Expedia and its ilk.


Jesper Rønn-Jensen (justaddwater.dk)

i too have been very fond of Kayak.com for finding cheap planes and car deals. That was until I showed it to my wife. She immediately thought that the plane tickets were too expensive (CPH-London), and instantly noticed that they had no tickets from Sterling, EasyJet or Ryanair. (not in this particular case). With a wife like that what do you need Internet for. By the way she works at a hospital...
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