Am I the only one who finds the upcoming.org user experience frustrating? More than anything else., what I want is to subscribe to an RSS feed of events in my selected metro areas, tagged with one or more of my favorite tags. It would be useful to be able to restrict to events in a language I understand as well, but I doubt that’s an immediate problem.

Am I missing something? When I filter by metro, I see all events, most of which I don’t care about. If I filter by tag, I see the whole world, which is also a bit much.

The other obvious search to do is for when you’re traveling: Show me all events, or all events with certain tags, in this metro, between these two dates. In a nice, printable format that I can carry with me, or just save on my hard drive so I can get to it when offline.

Am I the only one having this problem? What other events listing sites are there out there that people use?


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Leonard Lin

Lars, We're still doing a lot of work on exposing the event listings/filtering interfaces but what you want to do *can* be done via the search interface @ http://upcoming.org/search/ The syntax to search for tags is (tags:%tag1% tags:%tag2). You can get the RSS link from the searches. If you select "my metros", it should generate something like this: http://upcoming.org/syndicate/v2/search_all/(tags:music%20tags:indie)?metro=mine&user_id=2
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