Assign a keyboard shortcut to ReCSS in Firefox on OS X

When you’re using the ReCSS bookmarklet, it’s quite nice to have a keyboard shortcut for invoking it, so you don’t have to move the mouse around all the time. You’re typically already moving back and forth between your editor and your browser, after all.

In Safari, it’s easy. Just put it one of the first nine spots in the bookmarks toolbar, and it’ll automatically get a shortcut key of Cmd-1-9, depending on where in the sequence it sits.

Firefox doesn’t have this nicety, so you have to do it manually.

First, install ReCSS as a bookmark with a title of ReCSS. We need the exact name in a minute.

Go to your System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts, click the plus sign, choose Firefox, and then enter “ReCSS” as the title of the menu item, and choose a shortcut. I’m using Cmd-Opt-R.

That’s it. This should give your productivity yet another notch upwards.

And if you’re not already using ReCSS, you’re missing out.

Jim Whittaker



Superb! Just what I was looking for. In fact, my google query was "assign keyboard shortcut bookmark firefox" and your article was the first result! I'd like to point out to readers that the bookmark needs to be at the top level of your bookmarks menu (i.e. it appears in the menu when you click on the Bookmarks menu item). If you simply have this in your bookmarks toolbar it _will not work_. Oh, also you need to restart firefox after you assign the shortcut. Cheers.
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Lars Pind

Excellent clarification, Eric. In fact I'd noticed that it worked on and off, and not gotten to investigating why. I've moved the bookmark now and it works now. Let's see if it keeps working. Thanks!
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