How to get SMS notifications when your server is down (in Europe)

I’m using the uptime monitoring service, which requires your site to have a certain URL that will return “success” if everything looks fine.

With that in place, go create an account at Clickatell or a similar SMS gateway. Folks in the US needn’t do this, because SMSes are paid for by the recipient, not the sender, but here, you have to use a gateway so you have someone to pay.

Now, finally, go to uptime and use the email sms@messaging.clickatell.com. Once created, go edit the parameters. Choose Periodic, and enter the following body for the email, using your own values for the different fields:

text:Yoursite.net is down

That’s it, you can now look forward to getting SMS messages in the middle of the night. Enjoy! (Thanks to Claus Rasmussen for pointing me to clickatell.)

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In the US they are paid for both by the sender and the recipent. They have public gateways which do limited sending, via email gateways, which is good enough for servers being down messages.
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