Attention to detail: The iPod Nano


Ive fondles a tiny Nano affectionately, pointing out all the things that nobody will ever notice but that he sacrificed months of his life for—things like the laser etching of the logo on the back or the surface’s being slightly rougher on the click wheel than on the rest of the front. “I know you’re not going to consciously find these details particularly appealing,” he concedes, “but I think it’s the fact that we’ve worried about all of them that makes the product so precious.”

I love this level of attention to detail, a level much higher than most of your customers expect or even consciously notice. But you feel the difference, and those that notice them consciously, too, will be psyched.

It’s a great experience to venture into a tiny hidden corner where you think you’ll be on your own, and discover that someone was here already and they thought of you and left you a little note.

That’s how it makes me feel.


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