The Calvin Show Episode #4: Why I Moved to New York

As you may know, I lived here (in New York) from 1999 until right before 9/11, where I moved to San Francisco, and shortly after that, I moved to Denmark. Ever since I’ve basically been wanting to move back to NY.

A couple of years ago it finally happened, and I’m grateful every day.

Having to work hard for something can really help you appreciate it more.

Troels recently asked me what I got out of moving to New York, and I’ve got the answer for you right here in today’s episode of The Calvin Show.

Some fun moments from the show:

0:14 — First rule of fight club
0:45 — Question: Why did you move to New York?
3:00 — My parents were both programmers…I’m child of geeks!
5:56 — Only in retrospect can we see the Resistance we have
10:21 — What changed when I started to dream in English
11:39 — You get to see the view from my apartment!