It only takes a second

There are lots of healers that will have you spend lots of time healing stuff in the hope that one day you’ll arrive at some point where you’re healed.

I used to be that way myself.

But what I discovered was that a lot of things can be accomplished pretty much in an instant.

If you think you need to heal your issues in order to feel worthy or good enough or lovable, you’re on the wrong path.

Those are decisions that you make. You decide to think of yourself as worthy, good enough, and lovable. And whenever a thought to the contrary pops into your mind, you spot it, and you choose the thought you’ve decided you want instead.

It’s not like those other thoughts aren’t going to pop into your head ever again. Thoughts always appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

But your decision to not believe in them only takes a split second.

Trying to heal the pain so that those thoughts will never enter your mind is a fool’s errand.

I love you. Do you?