When We Can't See Ourselves

Sometimes it can be really hard to see our own beauty, our own worth.

We look around at others, and all we see are the things they have that we don't, the things they are that we aren't.

I used to look at myself and all I saw was a belly I thought was too big.

I was so committed to seeing myself as wrong, as broken, that I made that my entire focus.

"Your belly's too big. You're a broken and worthless human being."

Not a very loving self-talk.

Now that I can see my own worth at least a little bit, the idea seems ludicrous. Here's someone who's a gifted healer, entrepreneur, musician, husband, and all-around mensch, and I would make it about my f**king belly?!?!

But that's what we do.

If you spend your energy focusing on things that are wrong, then you'll find things that are "wrong".

Much better to spend your energy finding things that are right.

What if even the things that are "wrong" are right?

What if everything is exactly as it's supposed to be?

Now there's a better thought.

I like how that feels.

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