Pc To 2.5mm Mobile Headset Converter

I have a Sennheiser M145 that I’m pretty content with, but it connects to my computer. Now I also have the Dualphone 3088, which takes a 2.5mm mobile mono jack.

I found this 2.5mm Mobile Headset To Pc Converter, but what I really want is the opposite, because my cordless phone wants the 2.5mm jack, and my headset has the PC jacks (2×3.5mm jacks, right?).

Does that exist? It seems like it should, but I’m not sure, or where to find it.

Alternatively, what 2.5mm headset do you recommend? I have the Plantronics CS60 headset, which I absolutely love, but I don’t know about their corded mobile headsets. Looking at the MX250. Any experience or advice?

As another alternative, I noticed that headsetshop.dk, where I originally bought my CS60 a couple years back now offer a new version with a USB plug in the base station. I wonder if that could be bought separately. That might be interesting, too.

Oh, the world of telephony and headsets. How I love headsets. And how I find it fascinating to have a phone that runs Skype natively. Just plug it into power and ethernet, and it does its magic. The interface is kinda slow, the design ugly, and the screen small, but it really does what it promises to do: Make Skype calls without a PC. I find that pretty amazing.


I have the exact same need: PC headset to 2.5mm male plug. I'd like to use it as a poor-man's headset for my normal office phone, using this converter: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049755
I want to do the same thing. Seems silly to have to buy separate headsets for every device. There may be an issue with impedance differences between the PC headset and, in my case, a cell phone. Whoever finds out first wins. But please let the others know.
Building your own - the reverse of http://www.geocities.com/cuthbertgrubb/headset/headset.html - is the only solution I've found.
By TalentShow on Fri, Mar 09, 07 at 17:39 · Reply
Did you ever find a commercial solution Lars? I want to do the same.
I found this... http://www.expansys-usa.com/d.aspx?i=141974
if you search ebay us for "2.5mm splitter" some dude sell them for cheap. dunno how high quality yet. will (maybe) report back in a week (probably won't though).
oh wait, i don't think that has mic capabilities. damn.

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