Brushed Metal loses the iTunes gig

Daring Fireball:

BRUSHED METAL: Calculator? I’m out of iTunes and you tell me I’ve still got Calculator? When is the Special Event scheduled for the next version of Calculator? Oh, that’s right, there is none, because no one gives a shit about Calculator.

I like the new look, and I hope they fix up the rest of them soon: Safari, Finder, iChat, iCal, iPhoto, ...

And the custom radius on the rounded corners is slick, I hadn’t even noticed at first. It’s weird how a tiny detail like this can look fresh, and make the old radius suddenly look tired.

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Mark Aufflick

I'm with you Lars, the new design seems more pleasing to my eyes. Even more important is that it is much more efficient in it's use of screen real estate by minimising borders and yet using colours and shading to retain sufficient delineation between the different panes and obvious affordance to the resizing controls etc.
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