Another Graham gem

Paul Graham: “I dislike being on either end of it. I’ll work my ass off for a customer, but I resent being told what to do by a boss. And being a boss is also horribly frustrating; half the time it’s easier just to do stuff yourself than to get someone else to do it for you. I’d rather do almost anything than give or receive a performance review.”

Reading this made me realize just why it was that I’m happier and more productive now that I don’t have an office and don’t have employees. It’s just not the way to get things done efficiently in 2005.

These days I like working while standing in my kitchen carrying my baby on my chest in a baby carrier. And I frequently do it between midnight and 3 PM because she tends to have trouble sleeping on her own then. But it works out just fine. And it turns out that being forced to spend more time away from the keyboard means I get more thinking done and get more ideas, which doesn’t hurt, either.


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