Calacanis: $1M in advertising around the corner

Jason Calacanis: “However, yesterday we broke our $2,100 record with a $2,335 day. That’s an impressive number I know, because if we can take that number to $2,739.72 we’re at—wait for it—$1M a year.”

t pleases me immensely to hear this. When advertising on the internet really pays, it proves that journalism on the web con pay, and we can finally give up those silly ideas about subscriptions and paywalls and other mechanisms that keeps your writing out of the online conversation and keeps traffic away.

More traffic is what you want, because it generates more ad revenue. Just like in the print world where it’s called distribution, and where the free papers like Metro have figured out how to get the business model right.

The advertising problem is solved, the online publishing business model problem is solved, now we just need to wait for more publishing businesses to spring to life.

PS … does anybody know how well adsense works in Denmark? On sites in Danish? Are there enough advertisers willing to pay for exposure?


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