Key combos not Dvorak-aware

As I’m doing the Dvorak thing, I’m finding that certain key combos on my mac ignore the Dvorak setting. One example is the highly addictive Dictionary lookup, which used to be at Cmd-Ctrl-D, but now is at Cmd-Ctrl-E, which happens to be the same physical key as D on the normal layout. The same with hitting Q and M while mousing over applications in Cmd-TAB mode, here you also have to remember where the key is on the normal keyboard layout. When you switch to the application and then want to quit or minimize, then you use the Dvorak Q or M. Quite odd.

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Branimir Dolicki

Considering that key shortcuts are remembered motorically (you remember the gesture rather than the letter) you might even simply let them where they are. You might have less trouble if you need to use normal keyboard layout once in a while. If you really want to move them you may try to do it with this: http://gnufoo.org/ucontrol/
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