Jarvis' new newsroom

Jeff Jarvis: “They also need to waste less effort, talent, and money on commodity news [and instead] concentrate on a newsroom’s real value, reporting”

Wire news come for free these days, either online, through RSS, or in the free ad-supported papers that get pushed in the streets and the subway in the morning traffic. News organizations should take the cost savings and celebrate.

But the focus doesn’t end there. A Danish news organization should, as a rule of thumb, not waste their money on international coverage—we all know how to read English, and would rather get that from outlets like The New York Times or The Economist.

And a local paper like Fyns Stiftstidende should drop even the national coverage, and just focus on the local. They will never regain authority on national or international reporting, so take the cost savings, celebrate, and concentrate on the areas where you can make a difference.

UPDATE: Hilarious addition from Jarvis: 2,200 journalists awaiting the Jackson verdict—go home, make yourselves useful to us!


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