Hamburgers ... uhmmm...

Jeff Jarvis discovers a hamburger blog A Hamburger Today and passes it on. I love burgers, though that Hamdog looks pretty scary.

Best burger in New York: Old Town Bar just north of Union Square. Get it rare, and with Muenster cheese.

And now for some [local]: Does anybody know the best burger in Copenhagen? Or Denmark?

I still miss the late Karl’s Burger in Aarhus, right next to Blitz nightclub, when that existed. That’s still the best burger I’ve had in this country, and it’s been many years since they closed now. It was like the sandwich roll you get at Elm Street today, with a really good patty, bacon, cheese, and with a ketchup-mayo sauce that had that little something special. Please, can we have that back?

If whoever made those burgers ever read this, please leave a comment and tell us that you’re going to open up shop in Copenhagen, or how to make it at home :)


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