Sorry isn't quite enough

I pay EUR 12 for about as many hours of internet access (less the time I spend sleeping, you do the math), and then when I try to actually use it, after having been out to De Balie for a few hours, I get this message:

Sorry. You cannot be logged in at this time. Please try again later.

The login page also says:

swisscom eurospot – it’s secure, it’s reliable, it’s swiss.

I think not. And the clock is ticking. Argh!


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Jarkko Laine

I've experienced something similar at the airports. First I pay 8 euros for an hour and then notice that their funky firewall doesn't let me use email ports. The worst experience was about two years ago at Kastrup: I could only surf to the pages of the airport, every other page timeouted. Those are some of the small moments in life when you really feel like denying a credit card payment.
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