Content organization is important

This site (in Danish) for sanitary appliances sports a great example of exactly why you need an information architecht.

They start out alright with letting you choose between sinks, toilets, showerheads, etc.

But then the next category is the make, the company that produces the damn thing. But since I don’t have any preferences along that axis, that helps me nothing, and I’m forced to look through several hundreds of sinks, hundreds of toilets, and so on, until I fall asleep.

I know there’s a cost component here: The site, after all, boasts being cheap, not being a great shopping experience. But since they went to the trouble of doing two levels of categorization, you might think they could have chosen a different second level.

Here are a few alternative suggestions:

  • Size: My bathroom has a certain area available for a sink. Don’t want one that’s to small, so it leaves empty space that can’t be used for anything, anyway, nor too large, so it won’t fit at all.

  • Type of mount: I need a sink that’s mounted on the wall not on a table top, since I don’t have separate shower and sink departments.

  • Price range: There’s a limit to how much money (or time) I want to spend on a toilet.

  • Availability: Will it be here in time for my plumber?

The experience somehow reminds me of back in 2000 after two armed robbers tried to invade my home (with and my wife in it), and I went to the police station to look through literally 985 mug shots, in no apparent order. M-I-N-D-N-U-M-B-I-N-G.


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