Just got a bluetooth keyboard for my PowerBook, and I—again#&151;forgot that the rest of the country uses this weird Danish keyboard layout that have the keys all placed wrong for programming. Doh! Why haven’ we switched already?

Update: The lovely people at Apple Center Copenhagen replaced the keyboard with a US one at no cost. Even after I’d used it. The also replaced the MacMice mouse with an Apple one, which is much nicer. Thanks so much, guys.


Maybe you can send me your kinesis-ergo keyboard then ;) Oh - but I just ordered one last week (true)!!
By Mark Aufflick on Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 13:22 · Reply
Heh... Imagine switching from an Italian (QWERTY) keyboard to a French one (AZERTY, with characters placed more or less randomly). I'm at 60% of my previous speed when writing prose, and no more than 30% when programming.
By Sebastiano Pilla on Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 13:22 · Reply

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