What a bargain!

For many weeks now, my new PowerBook, ever so fast just when I got it, has seemed so sluggish. Yesterday, I had finally had it, and started investigating.

Turns out that it was my .mac account! A while after the switch, I figured I’d try this .mac business as well, and signed up, paid $99, and never used it since. However, a process called “MirrorAgent”, whose jobs seems to be to mirror my iDisk between my computer and the .mac servers, was eating up 40% of my CPU power. Needless to say, I killed it, and turned syncing off.

So in return for my $99, all I have so far gotten is the loss of 40% processor power for two months. Period. I haven’t used any of the other services. The upside? My computer feels fast again. It’s like having worn too small shoes, and then taking them off.

Would I recommend .mac to a friend? I think not.


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