So Thursday’s Daily Source Code from Adam Curry just cracked me up laughing. He’s driving his car, recording the source code, when someone starts honking his horn, holding up his iPod (16 minutes 45 seconds into the show – check it out—update: Dave Winer has made a smaller clip with just that part). This podcasting thing really seems to be taking off, and it’s great fun watching and (mostly) listening.

Btw, did I mention that I iPod-enabled my Volvo 240 GL as the first thing after buying it a few months ago? I got a Pinoeer DEH-P4500R car stereo, which was the cheapest one I could find with an RCA connector, so I could hook up my iPod via the Belkin Auto Charger w/Audio for iPod. Works perfectly, though I’ve only used it once so far for a podcast – I dont’ use my car for commuting.

Anyway, one thing I miss is something that’ll help me pick the songs I listen to, when I’m in the mood for music. Here’s the situation: If I’m in the mood for a particular prince song, I’ll pick that. No problem. If I’m not particular about what I want to listen to, the iTunes Party Shuffle feature is great. But then, it’ll play stuff I decidedly don’t want to listen right now to, like an IT conversation – not appropriate for background entertainment music – or it’ll play something stupid that I just have in my library for the occasional fun, like the corporate anthems (my brother-in-law works for KPMG, we once sang that one for him, and he was—stunned). Ok, so what to do. Yes, I could create my own playlists. But just like photo albums, it’s the kind of organization I rarely get around to doing. I just don’t care that much.

So what I’m looking for is some kind of playlist feed. Say I like Adam Curry’s taste in music. He puts together a playlist of stuff he likes. And I subscribe to his playlist feed, and a bunch of others. Now I might not have all or even most of his music in my library, of course, but the songs I do have, it would play. And the others, well, they could show up as links to the music store (or, gasp, Acquisition). I’m sure I’d enjoy that kind of service, and I have friends (Jonas) who I’m sure would love to publish a feed of music that he thinks all the rest of us should listen to :)

Adam, Jonas, I hope you pick up on this one …


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