Joel on Software - It's Not Just Usability

Joel has hit the nail on the head with his notion that designing the (computer-mediated) human-to-human interaction or interface is much more important than simply designing the computer-to-human interface — particularly when you’re writing software for human-to-human interaction, in other words, collaboration software.

I’m lacking a little substance, though, a few tricks of the trade, perhaps, over and above the already widely publicized example of showing the spam post to the spammer, but not to the rest of the world, which is definitely clever, but perhaps a little overused as an example in Joel’s articles. Some details on concrete design decisions from FogBUGZ or other applications (not necessarily Joel’s own) would be great, please.

Update: Changed “head on the nail” to “nail on the head”. See comment below.


Usability examples Joel uses the FogzBugz message forums as an example. If you look at them, they look remarkably like ACS 3 forums.
By Mark Aufflick on Sun, Sep 12, 04 at 04:36 · Reply
'hit the head on the nail' or 'hit the nail on the head' ? Dear Lars 'Joel has **hit the head on the nail** with his notion that designing the (computer-mediated).....' I think you meant that Joel - 'hit the nail on the head' .. It sure is amusing to imagine how Joel would look after he 'hit the head on the nail :). cherio venu madvenu AT yahoo DOT com
By Venugopal Maddukuri on Sun, Sep 12, 04 at 04:36 · Reply

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