Go away, Plaxo

Plaxo is a neat idea (a plug-in to Outlook that lets you transfer the burden of keeping your contact list up-to-date onto your friends). And it’s nicely executed, the user interface slick and usable.

I’m not using it myself, but I did receive about 10 requests from various friends to update my address book. And the first five, I dilligently did so. But now I’ve just started to ignore them.

In the beginning I thought it was clever for me, too, but then I realized that Plaxo doesn’t even remember my contact info across my different friends. I have to type the same stupid info in every time.

I’m sure there’s some feature on the site, which I could learn how to use, that would make Plaxo remember this for me, but it hasn’t been obvious to me yet, so from now on I’m just going to filter email from Plaxo to my Spam folder.

Nice try.

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Paulo Goncalves

You could just join in - then you do not need to keep updating That´s how plaxo actualy works. I joined in when I kept receivng these messages and since then a few of my friends also did. When they do, there´s no more work to keep it up to date. When somethign changes, you update your conatct cards in plaxo and all the people that are connected to you (and you have to explicity accept) will get those new details. Cheers, Paulo
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