The anonymity of life online

It’s very puzzling how Marc Fleury, the CEO of JBOSS, thought he could get away with posting anonymously and pseudonymously in various online forums around JBOSS.

I haven’t been participating in the JBOSS community myself at all, and I hadn’t even heard the rumours that this was happening, rumours which have been around since at least december.

What was Marc thinking? Did they think they were going to get away with it? Did they think it would be worth it, even if they did get away with it?

The most striking plain stupidity, though, morals aside, is that I’ve been writing web collaboration software since 1999, and it’s always contained code that captures the IP address of the poster, and a page that shows all contributions from the same IP. Why? This is why.

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Guan Yang

Dialup accounts The solution, I guess, is to use dialup accounts from different ISPs when doing astroturfing?
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