Economist leader on Microsoft's monopoly

The Economist: Déjà vu all over again.

I’m glad to see a publication as influential and respected as The Economist keep the simple facts straight: That Microsoft does have a monopoly; that the anti-trust case in the US four years ago did in fact find Microsoft guilty of illegally misusing that monopoly; and that Microsoft will continue to illegally exploit its monopoly for as long as it holds it. Hence the monopoly sitaution must be forced to end.

How about open standards as a way to allow other players to compete on the merit of their products?

An excerpt: Isn’t this simply a matter of Microsoft competing vigorously? The strange thing is that its products invariably succeed in PC-based markets where the dominance of Windows provides an advantage: office productivity, web-browsing, media playback and servers. Yet in other markets that have nothing to do with PCs, such as mobile phones, set-top boxes and games consoles, the company is far less successful. Odd, that.


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