Bloggerhacking weekend

Talked to Guan about arranging a weekend soon to sit together in Copenhagen and hack on the OpenACS blogger, adding new features and making it slicker.

Who wants to join?

We talked about the weekend Dec 13-14, but I wouldn’t be able to make it before Saturday at about 1-2PM. Alternatively Jan 10-11 or 17-18?


Will code for plane tickets :) Here is another of my pointless offers to join in a hackfest in return for someone flying my from the "arse end of the earth"! (Mind you, if my arse was as beautiful as Australia, I'd walk around nude - that may not be practical in Copenhagen in January...)
By Mark Aufflick on Fri, Nov 28, 03 at 10:39 · Reply
I would I'd like to come there but Jan 16th-18th is the only weekend that would fit in my schedule.
By Jarkko Laine on Fri, Nov 28, 03 at 10:39 · Reply

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