Running VisiCalc

An interesting thoguht with no real point from Jon Udell, Thought-provoking, nonetheless, that you can still run VisiCalc on Windows XP. It’s like a small piece of software archeology, remeniscent of the Commodore 64 emulator for PCs that lets me play my beloved Boulder Dash from back then.


VisiCalc I still run VisiCalc on my old Apple II: both the spreadsheet and the machine are in perfect shape.<br /> Most of the people opening Excel every day hardly need the many features it provides: VisiCalc would probably be a better option.
By Luigi Martini on Fri, Nov 21, 03 at 05:02 · Reply
Ease of use I find Excel much easier to use than VisiCalc.
By Guan Yang on Fri, Nov 21, 03 at 05:02 · Reply

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