Dude, you're getting screwed.

Dell’s Software License Policy: A very entertaining real-life story about Dell’s computers requiring you to agree to licenses, the text of which they do not provide!

Two different Dell representatives suggest the customer goes to a public library or his neighbor to find the licenses on the web on the home pages of the respective software manufacturers. Only problem: It doesn’t say which software is on the machine!

I can’t understand that people are so scared over open source software licenses like the GPL because they feel like they don’t know what they’re agreeing to.

Reminds me of my own old piece, Contracts Everywhere.

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Luigi Martini

Dell It is a pity you can't read Italian (try an automagical translation by google's language tools). This story is also quite fun, and involves Dell, again: http://www.freego.it/articles.php?show=4
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