The Big Get-Together

Did I tell you guys about the great get-together that we’re hosting here in Copenhagen on April 10-11?

On Thursday the 10th, it’s about dotLRN, the open source e-learning platform built by MIT, which we’re helping Heidelberg University deploy.

On Friday the 11th, it’s about OpenACS, the open source web application toolkit, which I’ve been building since 1999, and on which dotLRN is built.

We have well over 40 registrants so far, and they’re literally from all over the world: US east and west coast, Guatemala, England, Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Ireland, as well as a number of people from Denmark from institutions such as Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, IT University of Copenhagen, Esbjerg Business School, Learning Lab Denmark, and the Danish University of Education.

It’ll be an exciting and captivating couple of days, and we’re very excited. I’m sure we’re yet to see many more participants.

Here’s the link again.


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