Mozilla again...

Okay, so now I’ve started to use Mozilla, and in particular the tabbed browsing feature more heavily.

Now, the problem is that I’ll set up a browser window for the active work I’m doing (the web page, some admin pages for reloading files on the server, etc.), and that’s good. I’ll have another window with my calendar, my time logging, etc.

But then evey once in a while, I’ll accidentally hit Alt-F4, and all of my elaborate setup will be gone. It would be nice if Alt-F4 would just close a single tab, or if it could at least be configured to ask me before closing five tabs with one keystroke …

Oh, well, the perfect browser is still some ways off.


i've got mine my perfect browser is <a href="">chimera</a>. tabbed browsing, open source, fast, etc. unfortunately it's mac os x only so you don't get to use it. but try <a href="">phoenix</a> which is also mozilla based, also has tabbed browsing, and i've heard is really good on windows.
By Yonatan Feldman on Mon, Jan 27, 03 at 13:10 · Reply
Add MultiZilla to Mozilla Lars, I had the same issue with Mozilla until I installed <a href="">MultiZilla</a>. Now, Mozilla starts with <i>several</i> pages and Mozilla restarts with all the tabs you had open when you closed it!
By Bart Teeuwisse on Mon, Jan 27, 03 at 13:10 · Reply
Thanks Hey, Bart, thanks for the tip. Now I'm running Multizilla. Looks good so far.
By Lars Pind on Mon, Jan 27, 03 at 13:10 · Reply

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