Lessons from DELL

I started reading Direct from Dell last night, and though I’m not done with it yet, there were a few valuable lessons already. Michael Dell seems to have progressed in a very haphazard, practical way, without too much structure. I think there’s something for me to learn there. I’ve been spending quite a lot of energy on establishing the right structure for my company, as in trying to think about advisory board or management board, in trying to think about what the organization and the organizational processes should look like, etc.

It seems like Michael Dell only did this as real problems arose, and instead focused exclusively on growth. I’m not talking about how to arrange the assembly line. He’d always ask himself the question “what’s the most efficient way we can get this done?” But when it comes to information processes, to calculating profit & loss for each product line, etc., he didn’t do it until it was necessary.

I think the lesson I can learn from Dell is to focus on increasing sales, delivering top-notch service, making sure ours customers stay thrilled and loyal, hiring and holding onto ubertalented employees, and staying profitable. The rest will come when the time is right.


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