Linux is too much like Windows

Dvorak in PC Magazine: Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux.

Hard to argue with. Let’s try to do something new. However, while I’m certain we will get there eventually, I also think we need to get money flowing into open source software development first. Then we can show the world what we’ve got.

We need to make the mental shift from “Hey! Open Source! Cool! Let’s see if there’s something we can grab for free!” to getting the companies and organizations who use this software to take ownership and be part of developing it in the direction they want it developed in.


Lars Pind

Looks like this point isn't lost on Kapor either <blockquote><i> Recent open source groupware products and projects (Evolution, Kroupware) use Outlook as the baseline for design and functionality, an approach which benefits users by being familiar, but doesn't take design risks which could have big pay-offs for users in power and simplicity. We're trying to re-think the PIM in fundamental ways and expect to be judged in terms of our success in achieving that goal. We're building the product on using up-to-date architectural components (peer-to-peer networking, integrated instant messaging, an RDF-compatible semantic database) and are not saddled with legacy code. At the same time, we will be fully compliant with a variety of open standards, such as iCal, vCard and the Jabber protocol. </i></blockquote> From <a href="http://www.osafoundation.org/our_product_desc.htm">http://www.osafoundation.org/our_product_desc.htm</a>.
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