United Spaces

Got a chance to check out the United Spaces office in Copenhagen last night during Reboot 5.1.

Unfortunately, while it’s a great meeting space (I’m especially fond of the lounge chairs overlooking the harbor), and though we are in the market for office space, I can’t see that we could use it.

The biggest problem is that there’s simply too little workspace, the desks are too small. And I don’t think I could ever get used to having to move to a new desk every day. Besides, where would I put my big monitors? (I know they give dispensation for people with large monitors, but still … you need a dispensation to get your work done?).

Apart from that, it’s very overpriced. For what we’d have to pay for four people, we can get 150 m2 in other places. But I like the network idea, and it seems like it’s working somewhat. Great. So I’ll just stop by for meetings from time to time.


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