From the obscure software bugs department

Exactly one month ago, as I was desperately trying to file my US tax return at the very last minute, I ran into an obscure bug in Turbotax.

At first, I’d told Turbotax the truth, which is that I now live in Denmark. Unfortunately, that meant that I couldn’t file electronically, so I went back and changed it to a c/o address in the US. That worked, except I kept getting an obscure error: Even though I’d specified that the address was in the EU, Turbotax kept insisting that I’d specified an address in Denmark, when I’d checked a hundred times that the address was in the US.

I looked and looked, until it finally hit me: What if I change the address back to ‘foreign’, go to the page where you specify the country, delete the contents of that field, then go back and change the address back to ‘US’, perhaps that would work?

Turns out it did! They forgot to clear the ‘country’ field when you choose a ‘US’ address type. (Yes, I’m a geek!)


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