Leadership Tip - Be Prepared for Growth

Everyone has hit a breaking point before. When that happens, do you feel overwhelmed, or are you prepared?

If you flip your perspective, breaking points are actually good. They mean you've stretched what you've got as far as it can go, and you're ready for more. 

But they're only good if you're prepared for them. If you're prepared for growth. 

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How to Prepare for Growth 

Check out the video for the first step to preparing for growth. 

But if you want more, keep reading. 

Standardize Processes 

Whether you run a team of 2 people or hundreds, standardizing processes is essential. For everything that you or your company does, there should be a standardized process written out for everyone to use. 

This way, as you grow, the foundation is already there. Even if you're a team of one, standardizing processes for your projects will save you once you're taking on more and more. 

Get Organized

A lack of organization will quickly lead to overwhelm, especially as you grow, so find the tools that make it easier. 

From using Boomerang to manage your emails to project management tools like Asana, there are tons of options to help keep you and your team organized. 

Remember the Mission 

Whether it's one project, one company, or many - there's a purpose for it. As you grow, more people and parts get thrown into the mix, and if the connection with the mission isn't clear, things can fall apart. 

Build an Incredible Team 

The people on your team are a big part of how prepared you'll be for growth, so be picky. Hire people who have the skills and fit the company culture. 

From personality tests and sample projects to staff recommendations, there's a lot more to picking the right team member than taking applications. 

The same applies to your personal life, so build an incredible network! 

Growth is the goal, but you've gotta be prepared for it. 

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