The struggle

A draft from July 2011. Publishing now.


There’s a struggle between our inner Self and our outer learned, adapted sense of self.

Deconstructing our personality structure is a necessary part of the process of discovering our true inner Self.

Compare that historic sense of the larger meaning of our natural deaths and rebirths with how today, when a person’s personality structure deconstructs, he or she may be shamed, ridiculed, or pitied, and nearly always distanced by friends and coworkers.

James Hollis: Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life.


Added September 2017: Yup, definitely experienced that. I lost a lot of friends. But you know what? I found myself. That's fucking priceless. Wolud not go back in a million years.

I recently got to spend some quality time with an old friend who's still hooked into a group of friends that shunned me. First, he didn't realize I'd been shut out. Second, he made me realize that I didn't miss out on much. I was spared, as Byron Katie would say.


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