An alternative view of the Trump situation

I'm one of those people that first of all didn't think Trump was going to get elected, until I went upstate on November 7th and saw the large number of lawn signs for Trump, and virtually none for Hillary. I'm also one of those people who thought he'd be out by now, and who's following along in the riveting TV show that is the Russia investigating.

This talk by CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp gives another perspective entirely.

He says the whole Russia investigation is the intelligence community aka the shadow government trying to get rid of Trump, because they cannot control him. The claim is that every other president since the CIA's formation in 1947 has been controllable by the CIA, save for JFK, and we all know what happened to him. And, to boot, the CIA director that JFK fired was on the Warren commission to figure out who'd killed JFK, and we all know how credible their findings were.

I don't know what the truth is here, but it's an angle on the whole thing that I hadn't through of before. It's so easy to be caught in the drama of the left and the right, the good guys and the bad guys, and things are not always what they seem. You can be pretty sure that when two parties are locked in a never-ending struggle, like the cold war or the two-party system, both sides somehow benefit from keeping it going the way it is. 

I'm definitely still no fan of Donald Trump, though I do hope that he might turn out to be the catalyst that we as a people need to start to take control of the government back from the banks and corporations and intelligence community that currently holds all the power.

Oh, reality, you constantly exceed my wildest imagination!

Who needs Game of Thrones when you have reality, amirite?


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