Matt Daemon on auditions

I love these glimpses where you realize that someone wildly successful and famous like Matt Daemon is just like the rest of us. He had to go through tons of rejections and learn things for himself before he got to where he is.

I particularly love the part where he talks about going to auditions early in his career, and always feeling like the people on the other side of the table were his adversaries.

Only when he was part of auditioning for Good Will Hunting did he realize it's the other way around: They're there rooting for you. They want you to win them over, the want you to succeed, to be great so you can make their movie better.

I think this is the case in so many areas in our lives.

I betcha your spouse wants you to win him or her over, to succeed, to be amazing.

I bet your boss wants you to succeed, to do a fantastic job.

I bet your teacher, your parents, most of the people in your life, are really on your side, rooting for you, wanting you to do great.

They're not your adversaries. They're your allies.

Treat them as such.


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