People should be more loving

I don't actually believe that statement, but it is something I used to believe, and it's something I hear a lot.

I was at an event with Stevie Wonder in April, and they were talking a lot of trash about President Trump. They disliked him so much they refused to use his name, instead referring to him as "the 45th president". They kept saying people should love each other more and not discriminate and hate based on skin color, sexuality, religion, or political orientation.

If you believe that statement, then, of course, it would be helpful if you'd lead the way and start by loving all of those people that you disagree so much with, including the president. What's the point of preaching love if you aren't up to the task? That's just pure hypocrisy.

I don't believe people should love more than they do, because I love my freedom and my happiness.

I have noticed that every time I think the world should be different than it is, I feel bad. I tense up, my shoulders raise up, I might get angry and upset. It doesn't feel good. And it so happens that it doesn't make me a more loving person. It also doesn't make me any better equipped to deal with whatever situation I'd like to address and change.

I think people should be exactly as loving as they are, until they change.

Meanwhile, I've noticed that when I'm loving, I feel good, and so I choose that for myself.

What others choose is really none of my business.

The best I can do is lead by example.


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