Barrel-aged negroni

Speaking of being in creative mode, I made a batch of negroni for my oak barrel, and in a few weeks I'll be having my first taste of my own home-made barrel-aged negroni.

It's super simple: Get an oak barrel (I got this one), fill it with water to let the staves expand and make sure there are no leaks, empty it, fill it with your drink of choice, and let it sit for several weeks.

I just filled mine. Will check in each week for the next 3-6 weeks and see when I think it's ready.

I made mine with:

  • Plymouth gin
  • Dolin rouge vermouth
  • Gran classico

I like the Gran Classico better than the Campari.

I started with equal parts, but then ended up increasing the gin and vermouth in the final tasting before filling the barrel.

I'm sticking it in my closet for maximum cool and to stay away from sunlight.

Inspiration came from this and this.

Next up: Home-made vermouth.


Barrel label  

Barrel front

Making art


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