The Calvin Show Episode 013: Is Having Money Okay?


Let's jump in!

In this episode, I reply to a question sent to us by Georgian from The Gratitude Podcast (give a listen to our conversation on his podcast).

We find out:
  • How does over delivering hurt us, and our clients?
  • Where is love?
  • Are you afraid of money?
  • What is the most important thing to invest in?


What are your issues, fears, and thoughts around money? Share with me, so we can move this important conversation forward!


Minhajul Islam

I had this kind of belief regarding money for a long time. I saw it as a conflict with spirituality. Now after watching this episode, I am truly going to re-program my mind. Yes, I am not receiving the love the universe is giving me. That's the problem. As a designer when someone compliments my work I really doubt myself. Now I just figured out that is because I was not in receiving mode. Thank you Calvin for talking about money. Thank you so much for clarifying our relationship with money. I can not express how much I've learned from today's episode! You rock, Calvin!
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Georgian Benta

Thank you so much Calvin for taking so much time to answer every part of my question! This is great stuff, I feel you're spot on with most of the answers! So grateful for your love and generosity! :) I hope it will help others struggling with this as well.Thank you once again! Will work on the things you have mentioned.
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